"Making The Impossible Possible"    


                                       BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS 

BROKEN WINGS, INC. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to provide awareness about traumatic brain injury (TBI) to communities, while providing  support, resources, tips, and TBI prevention insight.  We educate and empower brain injury survivors, caregivers, and their families by teaching them how to turn their tragedies around by providing real-time strategies to ideal well-being to get results in life in spite of health or wealth challenges.


BROKEN WINGS, INC. began with a mom and son whose lives were affected by a severe brain injury. Our goal is to link brain injury survivors, caregivers, advocates, medical professionals, families, and friends, in the state of Georgia and neighboring states whose shared goal is to increase their interaction and communication with others outside the normal support group environment.

Traveling down the road from tragedy to triumph is a process that can easily begin instantaneously, but last for a lifetime.  One of the most demanding challenges following years of recovery and rehabilitation, for the survivor, their caregiver, and family members who care for them, is the process of rebuilding relationships and making new social connections.

BROKEN WINGS, INC. facilitates activities and events intended to reestablish a sense of community and encourage spirited involvement in social activities for those affected by brain injury. We encourage everyone’s involvement and support in the planning and implementation of group events and activities, and promote peer mentoring through the sharing of thoughts and experiences. Every brain injury is different….no two are ever alike.  And, just as diverse as the individual affected by it we value their exceptionality and uniqueness and encourage everyone to join in as we travel this road of hope and healing together.   

We welcome anyone whose life has been affected by brain injury and find themselves in similar circumstances to contact us and get involved! Please see our About Us page to learn more.